The Estate of Contay remained in the same family for a 564-year period, from 1138 to 1702. The medieval chateau was located next to the river and torn down during the Spanish invasions in the 17th century. The construction of the existing Chateau de Contay completed in 1753.

Kings, such as Francis 1st, princes, aristocrats and officers, such as Faidherbe, as well as artists went here to rule, escape or find inspiration. The most famous of them probably being Jules Verne.

In the darkest hours of the 20th century, Chateau de Contay hosted Allied Armies (WW1) and was occupied by SS Army (WW2).

Chateau de Contay is Grade 2 listed and is exemplary of the building structure of the 18th century and decorative art from the French Second Empire.